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Sororitea Sisters review Caraway Teas.

Grand Earl Grey

I love me some Earl Grey, so I was very happy for this opportunity to try this one from Caraway Tea Company.

And this is a superb Earl Grey!  The black tea base is a Keemun tea which lends a more robust background flavor than is often found in Earl Grey teas.  There is a strong, smooth flavor to the black tea.  It tastes rustic, like freshly baked biscuits.  There are even some vague hints of wood and a touch of smokiness to the cup.  A very pleasantly complex Keemun. 


Red Chai Spice

This is so yummy!  No wonder it’s Caraway Tea’s #1 seller!

The aroma is warm with sweet cinnamon and toasted nuts.  I can also smell hints of apple in the background … you know, I have to disagree a little bit with the above description, because this smells more autumnal to me.  I can certainly understand where the “Christmas” comparison comes from, but for me, this is autumn.  If I close my eyes and take a big whiff, I can even “see” the beautiful fall leaves on the trees. 


Roasted Almond

To tell the truth, I am rather blasé when it comes to rooibos chai.  I have had so many that are rather lackluster that I have come to expect it when I try them.  This can be a good thing when I happen to find a tasty rooibos chai – like this Red Chai Spice from Caraway Tea Company – because then I am happily suprised!